Nordic Camp 2019

Welcome to the Nordic camp in Iceland

SNABBINFO på svenska
Vad: Nordic Camp 2019
När: 25 juni – 2 juli
Var: Reykjavik, Island
Deltagaravgift: 1500 SEK
Ålder: 18-30 år
Anmälan: Intresseanmälan på anmälningsformulär senast 11 mars

It is time to think about summer and sign for the next Nordic Camp which will be held in the central Reykjavik. The venue is the city hostel of Laugardalur just beside one of the most popular swimming pools in Reykjavik and a nice green area.

The time is Tuesday 25th of June till 2nd of July. The theme of the camp is “Urban independence” and the idea to be a part of bigger society, to be seen and socialize with others staying in the hostel. Anyway, we also have our own programme, including aerial silks, hand crafts, practising improvisation at the stage, hiking to a hot river and swimming. We are also going to make a cafe quiz in some of the cafes in Reykjavik.

Participating countries will take an active role in planning some of the programme together. To be able to start that before the camp we´ll make a Facebook group.

The main language of the camp is English.